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  • Lady Gaga and Versace Unite For Fashion

    23 Nov 2013

    Lady Gaga is unquestionably the most fashionable singer today. She was a pioneer to wear haute couture clothing to her performances. When asked by Ellen back in 2009 why she was wearing such elaborate costumes, Lady Gaga simply said that this was to compliment her "theatrical style". She was one of the first mega stars to wear Alexandr McQueen before his sudden death. Today, Lady Gaga has a team of designers, but she continues to search for new ideas to top up her image. Her recent hit called "Donatella" is roumored to be dedicated to Donatella Versace. The music hit led two women unite for a fashion-music collaboration and on November 13 it was announced that Lady Gaga will be a new face of Versace.


  • Juicy Couture Sold for $195 Million

    15 Oct 2013

    Juicy Couture company has been sold to Authentic Brands Group by it's previous owner Fifth Pacific for reported $195 million. According to Authentic Brands company was put up for sale due to decling popularity of it's main product - colorful velour track suits. Authentic Brands Group also owns Kate Spade and executive decision was strategized around putting efforts on Kate Spade.

    Many quesitons can be asked about why Juicy Couture lost popularity. Perhaps a real reason is that fashion has a cycle and Juicy Couture reached the top of popularity and can't grow any more. This is typical and expected with any brand that has a signature product. Juicy Couture signature track suits are owned by every American celebrity we know and in addition by half of fashionable Americans. Once market is saturated it can't grow any more. Realistically if you are looking to change your home track suit for another new one, you would be doing it every few years, may be even less often.

  • Diesel Loves Tattoos

    10 Oct 2013

    Diesel's new creative director Nicola Formichetti has embraced the brand completly since he took over the head position after the company founder Renzo Rosso a few months ago. Nicola Formichetti stayed outside of the spotlight the majority of his career and just now with Diesel he is becoming more famous. But people in the industry regard him as genious. Having worked for Lady Gaga probably makes him genious. Lady Gaga is ubeatable by her performance costumes and it appreared that there is no limit to how far they can go. Tattoos, meat, bubbles created so much attention around the singer and many wondered who is the master brain. Lady Gaga herself often said that she is the one behind all ideas. Perhaps, but it was Nicola Formichetti who turned the ideas into reality and by no doubt created a lot of ideas for her too.

    Ever since he is with Diesel, tattoos were the main topic behind the style. We see tattoos in the new fragrance Loverdose Tattoo, in new Dieselreboot ad and part of many designs for Diesel sunglasses.